Marvel Heroes Unveils First Motion Comic – “Chronicles of Doom”

Players aren’t just going to be experiencing a dungeon crawling MMOG when Marvel Heroes launches on June 4 (May 28 for Founders). No, no. Whether you’re an Iron Man fan or a webslinger, gamers will experience the full force of the Marvel universe, including original stories penned by none other than Brian Michael Bendis.

First shown in the recent PAX East interview, Gazillion Entertainment will not be using simple stills or quest dialog to inform the masses of the original story. Included in certain zone introductions and throughout the complex storylines will be ‘Motion Comics.’ The first of these episodes can be found after the cut.

Episode One of “Chronicles of Doom” features the beginning of Doctor Doom’s rise to power, the beginning lore of Marvel Heroes. Check out the 2+ minute trailer after the cut.