Marvel Heroes v1.3 Gives Players Luke Cage, Lady Deadpool

Yeah, the sex changing Deadpool discussed in our after hours interview with Gazillion Entertainment at PAX Prime has become a Marvel-approved reality. He’s always been an oddball in this or any universe but changing his sex in this latest content patch goes far beyond breaking the fourth wall with inane references. Luke Cage is cool and all, but seriously, Lady Deadpool.

It’s not all gender bending – what if a girl was playing a guy that’s now a girl? – in Marvel Heroes Game Update 1.3. The developer has stayed on task, releasing the badge-worthy Prestige mode, account wide unlocks and introducing Legendary quests.

Check out the full notes here. The latest trailer is after the cut. And yes, it includes Ms. Deadpool.

Outside the new features and heroes, Marvel Heroes now boasts a revamped Tenacity system as part of the overhaul to general combat. Stacking the stat will dramatically alter crowd control on your hero, enabling you to mitigate or outright dodge a ton of damage. Other updates include Legendary Blessing, item changes and performance tweaks.