MechWarrior Online Now With More Spider Mech. Upcoming Double XP Event

Piranha Games has unleashed one of the fiercest and most agile mechs into InnerSphere, the Spider Mech. The mech belongs to the light mech class, equipped with an insane eight jump jets and the quickest turning radius currently available. The Spider Mech puts a whole new spin on “Move like a butterfly, sting like a bee.”

The Spider Mech isn’t the only feature to come from yesterday’s patch. Piranha included a handful of other additions as well, including decoy targets, a sensor boosting module and a new camouflage pattern. Last, but not least, is the first community-based event, a Double XP weekend. Just the tip of the iceberg for community events, the Double XP weekend begins Friday, January 18 and extends until Sunday, January 20.

All this ahead of the introduction of Death Kneel, the latest hero mech, on January 22. Hit the jump for a fivesome of Spider Mech glory.