MechWarrior Online Open Beta Trailer Brings The “Oh Sh*t!” Moments

Call it years of conditioning or an insatiable thirst for action, but the latest trailer from Piranha Games hits all the right points. Short and sweet, the Open Beta trailer for MechWarrior Online sets the stage for the battles that now immediately await gamers should they chose to accept them. Dozens of missiles coming at you, railguns, a diverse cast of mechs, plenty of bass and a serene voiceover coming over the mic are all included in the latest and greatest trailer for the MMOFPS.

Of course, the big news is that the game pushed to Open Beta. That conversion means one thing, an Open Beta patch. Effectively the launch patch for MWO, the Open Beta transition added new content, including maps, and all the changes precipitated by community feedback that caused the recent delay.

No more character wipes, random server outages (within reason) or unexpected changes, MechWarrior Online is geared and ready to go.

I’m currently available to deliver a railgun to your face. Hit the jump for the new trailer and a sampling of screenshots from the new content.