Mickey Mouse, Marvel and You.


Burbank, California – Today The Walt Disney Company surprises the world as well as Wall Street by announcing their $4 Billion deal for comic book giant Marvel Entertainment Group.

I am greatly impressed by this combination of two powerful entertainment companies and look forward to future content released by the new “Walt Disneyized” Marvel Superhero brand. Although many may shrug it off as and move on to bigger and better things, as I am reading more reports I can already tell their will be many changes going forward. How will this affect the average person? In many ways and this is how it looks from my point of view.

The stockholders.

Best seat in the house in my opinion. If you are an owner of Marvel shares (MVL) then you enjoyed a 25% increase in value today, which adds up to a nice $9 premium. That means, for every 100 shares you made 900 bucks. Good for you. As this deal closes, which can take months and still needs to be approved by shareholders and the FTC, as it stands, shareholders will receive $30 in cash and ¾ of a share of Disney (DIS) for every 1 share of Marvel they hold. Your options are to ride it till the end, collect your cash and hopefully Disney is trading around where it is now or higher, you will get roughly a $20 value and some cash in hand. Or…sell now, take the money and run. I am a long term perspective type of guy so I would ride it out.

Video Game Companies.

This deal was mostly about integrating the Marvel brand names into the Disney machine. As reported on Kotaku.com, Disney has already stated that they will be reviewing their video game contracts as they expire. If I was Sega and THQ I would worry, for their contracts rely heavily on video games created from movies made by Marvel that will now be made by Disney.

Good luck with that.

psylocke_1bGazillion: With the new Marvel MMORPG in the works they are now dealing with a whole new creature. Walt Disney has always been very strict on wholesome content and their focus on children’s entertainment. This means it is going to have to be squeaky clean to get past Disney. I have seen my share of adult humor and thongs in MMO’s. Psylocke (left)  has always been my favorite super-booty in Marvel comics, expect less thongs and more full bodysuits if that. Marvel has always portrayed their female heroes as super-sexah and very top heavy. Expect to have the 7 dwarves looking over your shoulder every chance they get and going over your contract with a fine tooth comb. Disney has been famous for their strict code-enforcement and totalitarian tactics.


Marvel’s move towards creating their own movie studio has been very successful and profitable for them. Disney has a long line of successful (and not so successful) movies. Expect to see more X-men and more characters coming to fore with their own animated or live action films. Expect to see Spiderman 8, 9, and 10. One thing I would recommend: Do the Secret Wars films and get the story of Spiderman’s black suit right finally, thank you.

Theme park patrons.

Expect to be on more Marvel Superhero rides. Expect your small child to have the Bejuses scared out of him by a life-sized Wolverine. Expect to pay through the nose for that Captain America shield designed plate at the souvenir shop and expect to slap your husband/boyfriend/fiancée for flirting with the life-sized costumed version of Storm. And no h0ney, that is not Halle Berry.


Wait it out. That’s all I can say. Disney Interactive studios haven’t exactly tore up this end of the spectrum with their entertainment business. Bolt??? Cars??? Kim Possible??? No thank you! And as of last month their games have slumped down 20% in sales. Well, for one reason is we really don’t like to play games after Disney movies. We like the rough stuff unless you’re a small young child and in that case you will play anything your parents put in front of you. But if you can make a game where I can Hulk-smash Hannah Montana I might consider it. Expect to see Wolverine in the next Kingdom Hearts game. Not that the KH series are bad games at all, I played one a little and it was actually fun.

Don’t judge me.

MMO Gamers that are waiting for the Marvel MMO.

This could go either way. Gazillion and the new Disney/Marvel mash up might be able to play nice and get along. Or Disney might find some loopholes in the contract and make their lives so miserable they might scrap the whole thing. Either way expect the Marvel MMO to be either totally gimped or don’t be surprised if it doesn’t happen at all. This is one of the reasons why I think Dis had a real interest in Marvel; this plants them into the mmorpg market firmly. How that will play out long term, only time will tell.

Overall I feel that this is a positive move for both parties. Heck, I didn’t know that Marvel was even worth 4 billion smackaroos and I am sure that this was someone’s big payday. As for the public we get to be inundated by even more whitewashed and smarmy Disney entertainment, which now will come in assorted superhero flavors.

Play safe,


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