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Mickey Mouse, Marvel and You.

August 31, 2009 LHStaff 1

Burbank, California – Today The Walt Disney Company surprises the world as well as Wall Street by announcing their $4 Billion deal for comic book giant Marvel Entertainment Group. I […]

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WOW Upcoming patch 3.2

August 31, 2009 LHStaff 11

Cataclysm is still some time away, in the meantime we have patch 3.2 to look forward to. One of the big changes in the patch is upgrading Onyxia to a […]

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World Makeover; Azeroth Edition

August 22, 2009 LHStaff 0

Yesterday at Blizzcon the new expansion for world of Warcraft was confirmed, the reports are everywhere. The confirmation arrives with a plethora of information about old zone changes, class changes […]