New Companion Pets, WOW's next patch 3.2

I got your Kung Fu right here!The next patch will bring some class changes, an Onyxia update, and yes some companion pets. WOW is one of those games that have many options, raiding, pvp, questing and non combat pets. The next patch will see the addition of several new pets. Get ready for these:

1-Onyxia Whelping. Just log on during the 5th anniversary and you will receive one.
2- Pandaren monk, always a fan favorite. Now you can have a little Kung Fu master panda following you around.
3- Lil’KT. A mini version of Kel’Thuzad.
4-Zipao Tiger
5-Wind Rider Cub
5-Gryphon Hatchling


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