MMO Shooter Defiance Now Available for Pre-order

April is fast approaching and you should be excited. Not just for the ridiculousness that the video game industry delivers to us at the start of the month, but because science fiction will be returning to the airwaves of Syfy by way of Defiance. The hybrid TV show/MMOG debuts on April 15, to be followed by the launch of the MMO shooter sometime in April.

Trion Worlds began beta testing in earnest this past weekend. The follow-up? Pre-ordering time. Fans of MMO shooters have one of five options currently available to them for the pay-to-play title. Those that like putting their mitts on something real can pre-order a Gamestop Exclusive Ultimate edition for $149.99. The major additions for the tidy sum are an exclusive messenger bag, the Pale Wars Ronin in-game title, a Lock Box, DLC Season Pass and 1200 Bits (in-game currency). If those perks don’t interest you, a more routine Collector’s Edition is available in digital or physical forms for $99.99, or a base copy of the game for $59.99. As you might expect, the physical forms include a few perks over their digital counterparts.

Every pre-order type will score the Iron Demon in-game title, a 3-day XP boost, a weapon and Outlander outfit and the coveted guaranteed beta invite.

Normally a sucker for Collector’s Editions, I’ve been swapping games too often to make such a steep investment worth it. Especially for a title without a subscription fee.

Console pre-orders remain unavailable.