MMOCrunch is Moving!

We have some exciting news for you today; no Blizzard didn’t announce the released date for Diablo 3 and no, neither did ArenaNet for GW2. MMOCrunch is moving to!

It’s actually a reunion of sorts as the owner of LoreHound was one of our original staff writers here, iTZKooPA.  We are once again combining forces to form Voltron…I mean a new and improved!

This will be our last update here on MMOCrunch and we will be shutting the site down permanently sometime early next week once LoreHound has been updated. So I invite all our readers to come over to LoreHound to continue to read our ramblings.


  1. Mmocrunch always had that “Crunch roll” feel to it. Kinda of asian, but still keeping to the mmo global theme. So it combined all the gaming unnecessary’s, That is: Asian dev’s and mmo’s. It was attractive and I liked its layout. Although news usually filters through all the networks, so you can find the same news here as in hundreds of other sites, there were some nice momments of news I did not pick from other sites. I am not sure how you go about getting your news, but I hope houndlore (makes me think of WoW… they should have MERGED with MMOCRUNCH, not the other way) works out good for you all. I probably wont be book marking it. Mmobomb, has great site, I cross refernce with Onrpg, and then sometimes…rarely, mmorpg. Tentonhammer is greedy and lost my interest long time ago…I guess if I get super bored I might head over to lorehound…but not bookmarking it any time soon. Good luck!

  2. Goodbye MMO Crunch, I loved swinging by for some of the no nonsense articles, free of the paid for advertorial crap you see across all the other major MMO sites…yeah, you know who I’m talking about ;)

    Bets of luck in future projects team, I’ll swing by Lorehound and check it out, but I don’t think it will be the same :(

  3. That doesn’t make any sense, according to gets almost 12K visitors a month while only gets a little over 1K.

  4. Logistically it was easier to move there since MMOcrunch didn’t really have a strong social network presence on Twitter, Facebook and Youtube, while Lorehound did. Moving a site and traffic is a lot easier then to get followers to move.

  5. Hey Mike

    This is Martyn that did the design & dev for you here at mmocrunch, let me know if you want us to do the new site! We would love to take the project for you.

    My mail is attached to the message ^^


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