MOBA Monday: The Alpha Label Has Been Removed


MOBA Monday is a weekly showcase of how to perform, eh, let’s go with adequately – we hope – in a massive online battle arena. The streaming squad features the hottest, upcoming or most interesting titles of their and the communities fancy for a few rounds of PvP shenanigans inour weekly Twitch channel staple.

Ahead of this past weekend’s PAX South Blizzard Entertainment broke the seal on its entry into the busy MOBA genre. Heroes of the Storm, combining all universes from Blizzard Entertainment from the Lost Vikings to StarCraft, has shed its Alpha label moving to full beta testing. Players no longer need to wait for the small expansion of alpha tests. In fact, anyone could join the multilayered universe should they be okay with parting ways with some greenbacks. Immediate access runs the community $39.99, including immediate access, 2,500 gold, three heroes with bonus skins and a Golden Cyberwolf mount.

Oddly enough, Blizzard claims that these Founder’s Packs are of the limited variety. Scarcity begetting more immediate and more purchases.

Personally, I’m still torn on this Founder’s Pack. There are a few issues. First off, there’s only a single option. Hardly the norm for the free-to-play genre. Secondly, that single option is oddly lacking. Especially for Blizzard, a company that often makes their bonus packs full of added value from multiple levels (chief among being cross universe items, like banners, portraits and pets). Granted, it’s not at Collector’s Edition pricing, but again, Heroes of the Storm is a F2P title. Lastly, if you total up the cost of three heroes and three skins the collection can approach the cost of this package.

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Unless you find a 2,500 Gold head start and an exclusive Golder Cyberwolf mount to be of ~$10 or more value you may want to join me in waiting out a more proper offering. Then again, I’m lucky enough to already be playing the game.

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