NCSoft Seattle Undergoing ‘Realignment’, CoH Closure ‘Unethical’

How’s that headline for you?

We’ve a double-dip of NCSoft related news for you this morning, coming from NCSoft itself and relentless continuation of the #SaveCoH campaign. We’ll start off with the official, because it makes the other news have more of an impact. NCSoft has clarified earlier reports on the status of its Seattle based offices. Originally reported as a closing, NCSoft Public Relations Director Lincoln Davis clarified the rumor to PC Gamer as a “realignment.”

“NCsoft is realigning internal publishing resources to better suit the needs of our game development studios,” Davis told PC Gamer. “As a result of the realignment, several employees and contract positions were affected. This was a very tough decision to make and wish the best for all NCsoft employees in their next ventures.”

NCsoft Seattle, more appropriately NCSoft West, is the Western publishing arm for the South Korean company, working closely with the teams of Guilds Wars 2, WildStar, Lineage and Aion.

The Korea Times brings more bad press for NCSoft, picking up on the #SaveCoH campaign. In a new article, noted fantasy author Mercedes Lackey called the recent closure of CoH ‘unethical’ citing the termination of jobs supporting a profitable revenue stream as the core reason. In addition to such a quotable line, the article provides a nice recap of City of Heroes, the campaign to save it and the march to the MMORPG being unplugged.