Zombie MMOG The War Z Devouring Beta Phase

The War Z, the Zombie MMOG inspired by the ARMA2: Combined Ops mod known as DayZ, shed its alpha status today. Developer Hammerhead Interactive has pushed the game to beta, and while the servers are still a bit unstable, the roughly 500,000 players can get back to living their lives on the run from flesh-eating walkers.

As with any good alpha to beta leap, Hammerhead was sure to deliver additional content, bug fixes, tweaks and even a stat wipe with the changeover. Purchasers of The War Z can now access the full map, making the land 50% larger thanks to the final additions of the Colorado map. New playable characters, market items and clan support has been implemented along with a lot of other changes.

Taking after a Minecraft business model, Hammerhead Interactive promises that you can “play without worrying about subscription fees, no hidden fees, and no paid updates.”

Hit the jump for a horde of tasty screenshots.