Neverwinter Celebrates 2 Million Players (Video)

Facts and figures to difficult to process in laundry list format? Then Cryptic Studios has you covered. To celebrate the latest milestone of 2 million players for Neverwinter, the company has laid out all the marketing facts in infographic format. And if that doesn’t suit your needs, there’s a video beyond the cut featuring much the same information. The facts are not only impressive, but topical in their comparison to other tidbits of information.

For instance, did you know that the Olympic Stadium in Brazil will contain about 60,000 ravenous sports fans? Now you know. Or how about that there are more in-game companions than there are marriages in the EU each year. The company even through its hat in the support of same-sex marriage in that part of the infographic. Perhaps most interesting is not just the user count, but the rampant success of the Foundry. Over a quarter million player-created dungeons are currently available.

Wondering about Fury of the Feywild, the Dungeons and Dragons MMORPG’s first digital expansion? The company has a new FAQ for that as well. Campaign, Companions and Sharandar oh my!