QuakeCon 2013: The Elder Scrolls Livestream (Video)

Coming soon to a screen near you will be new, uncut footage of The Elder Scrolls Online. That’s should  you chose to watch it, of course. While Lore Hound isn’t attending QuakeCon 2013 in the flesh, we’ll be joining the festivities as best we can remotely. And with the help of the increasing popularity of Twitch.TV and livestreaming, it’s easier than ever.

At 1:30 PM EST, today, August 2, ZeniMax Online Studios’ Creative Director Paul Sage will be hitting the stage to take on a dungeon and show a mix of additional Elder Scrolls Online gameplay. This is the game’s first ever livestream from ZeniMax Online. Hopefully not the last.

If you can’t make the time slot, fear not as it’ll remain on Twitch.TV for viewing afterwards. Head over to Bethesda’s Twitch.TV account or hit the jump for the embedded version. If you’re looking for more Elder Scrolls to hold you over Amazon has put up The Elder Scrolls Anthology for pre-order.


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