Neverwinter: Devoted Cleric Revealed Last But Playable First

I can haz healz?

In a clear case of “You’re doing it wrong!” Cryptic Studios decided to officially unveil the fifth launch class for the action-oriented MMORPG Neverwinter. The Devoted Cleric, the pure healing end of the holy trinity, has finally received a class reveal trailer to partner up with the four other classes. That’s emphasised for the fact that it’s one of three classes currently playable in this weekend’s press/Founder closed beta session.

Sure to spend most of its time healing, the Devoted Cleric is a master of holy spells, capable of preventing and repairing damage. With numerous direct, shared and healing-over-time abilities, a woman (or man) of the cloth is a requirement for every major confrontation. That doesn’t mean The Devoted One can’t contribute otherwise. Capable of wielding the light for crowd control and area-of-effect holy damage, the Devoted Cleric can make an impact on the damage meter.

Simply put, traversing the world of Neverwinter will be difficult without such an ally.

Check out our beta preview and live stream for more on Neverwinter. The full Devoted Cleric trailer and additional screenshots are after the cut. Grab a Founder’s Pack to get into the beta immediately.


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