Neverwinter: Fury of the Feywild Launches. Lore Hound Has You Covered!

Hey, it’s August 22. That can only mean one thing! I forgot my sister’s birthday. Crap. Oh, it also means that Fury of the Feywild, the first expansion module to Neverwinter is headed to live status! The core of Cryptic Studios latest MMORPG was sent to open beta at the end of April. After a few growing pains, Neverwinter was fully launched, complete with end game content, on June 20.

Fury of the Feywild will unlock the Sharandar zone, complete with new lore, instances and a dungeon. A tweak to the companion system will enable players gushing over a common pet to remain in love by boosting their quality. A new campaign system, two new professions, the introduction of Moon and Sun elves, dedicated Feywild gear and new mobs types are all part of the new expansion.

Hit the cut to see our coverage and the latest Fury of the Feywild trailer while you wait to dive into Sharandar.

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