Neverwinter Noble’s Chest Unboxing (Video)

Well, this was a pleasant surprise on a Friday night. Arriving to my house I, quite literally, stumbled upon a box delivered to my doorstep by the fine folks at FedEx. I didn’t have any inkling as to its content upon the near fall. The label just listed it to Lore Hound with an “ATTN:” label in my name. These things happen, but normally the return address tips me off. Not this time.

No, the tip off came when I place the box on the ground and saw the reverse side. “Dungeons & Dragons Neverwinter Noble’s Chest” it exclaimed. Excited, I grabbed my camera to fill the unboxing and share it with all of you.

Hit the jump to share in my surprise and amazement at what the sizeable cardboard box contained. Plus, you get to meet my new kitten, Psylocke. Like any Internet cat worth its weight in hits, she enjoys getting into empty boxes. Or laps, which is where she resides as of press time.


  1. How would you normally go about getting this. Im guessing us normal mortals would have to pay for it. What package would you need to purchase to get one?

    The dragon emblazoned chest itself is pretty cool though.

  2. I tried to search any information about that chest and all I could find is yours here and YouTube.
    How did you manage to get that I wonder?

  3. I, like you, hope it’s a tease for something we can purchase in the near future. The chest is made outta MDF board, so it won’t last long, but everything else is high quality.

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