Neverwinter Not Ready To Cease Summer (Video)

Developers have always had an issue keeping up with the voracious appetite of us gamers. No matter how fast a company can churn it out, it’s never fast enough for at least a minority of players. The first digital expansion for Neverwinter just dropped and there’s no doubt that a subset of playings have completed most of what Fury of the Feywild has to offer. So Cryptic Studios has something else for them – and everyone else – a Summer Event!

Announced and activated earlier today, the blandly named Neverwinter Summer Festival gives Forgotten Realm gamers a variety of distractions. To begin the festivities players must visit Sergeant Knox in Protector’s Enclave. Then players will be able to partake in various daily quests, like killing trolls, picking flowers and herding sheep.

Seriously, I’m not joking. Those are a trio of the activities.

They’re not the most inventive, but the rewards are worth it. Everything from rare Sunite weapons, companions, mounts and a collection of other items. The incentives clearly outweigh the creativity. A special seasonal profession is also available. The Summer Provisioning professional will enable crafty veterans to lay out delicious feasts or fashion beautiful garments.

The Neverwinter Summer Feast ends Wednesday, September 18.

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