PAX Prime Begins August 30. Lore Hound has You Covered!

The Lore Hound camera and writing crew will once again descend on the primary location for the Penny Arcade Expo later this weekend. The crew is off to Seattle from their respective locations beginning today, so expect posting to be light until the show culminates. Don’t forget that the rampant success of PAX Prime has caused the webcomic to extend its convention of all things nerdy an extra day to include Monday, September 2.

On the flip side we’ll be bringing you original reporting, including on-camera developer interviews, potential eSports and panel coverage, check-ins with various developer, such as Hi-Rez Studios and all the cosplay you can click on at work without getting in trouble. We do tend to focus on our core demographic, but if some card-game or Facebook distraction catch our eye, we’ll have it for you.

If you’re a fan of Guild Wars 2, Marvel Heroes, Infinite Crisis, SMITE, Global Agenda, WildStar, Strife, Final Fantasy XIV or countless others, then you won’t want to miss our upcoming PAX Prime 2013 coverage.


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