Neverwinter: Nuts and Bolts

Nuts and Bolts is a new article series focused primarily on Neverwinter. As the title implies, this will be an assorted collection of things that catch my fancy, framed around a helping of Dungeons and Dragons: Neverwinter goodness. It will be anything from evaluations of game systems, to dev interviews, tutorials and reviews of official missions or Foundry content. And that was far more formally put than is my usual wont, so it’s time for a completely unnecessary exclamation point!

As I discovered during my Closed Beta Previews, I have quite a lot to say about Neverwinter, so stay tuned!  

Each new article will be linked on this page, for easy searching as I write them.

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Pherephassa has been creeping around the etherspace long enough to have remorted so often that not even she can recall her original form. She loves sandboxes, challenges, chain mail bikinis and dungeons so large they take weeks, months or even years to fully explore. Currently seeking an MMO home, she can often be found on the side of the road, begging game designers for death penalties and slow leveling curves.


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