Neverwinter to Usher in Dragonborn Player Class with Module 4

lh_Dragonborn_neverwinter_tyranny_release_datePerfect World Entertainment announced the inclusion of a new race for the latest module for Neverwinter. Introducing the Dragonborn. The free-to-play action-oriented title set in the Dungeons & Dragons universe will begin to feature a playable race spawned of its namesake. These steadfast and honorable people will join the rank and file on August 14.

The quick and easy way to unlock access to the Dragonborn is, obviously, to pay for it. At first glance the Dragonborn Legend Pack is incredibly expensive for a F2P item at a pricey $74.99 (originally marked as a $99.99 value). Yet it boasts several impressive items, including five powerful epic items blessed by Bahamut, access to the new race, a 30-slot bag and Race Change token, multiple cosmetic items and a Gemfinder Enchantment. Full item rundown here.

This blogger feels that you’re effectively buying power with the Dragonborn Legend Pack. Thankfully, Neverwinter is not known for its PvP.

This is the second major feature announcement for Tyranny of Dragons, which is the title’s forth module. The Dragonborn follow the reveal of a new playable class, the Scourge Warlock. Cryptic Studios and Perfect World Entertainment promise that the Seasons of Dragons reveals will continue through 2014. Tyranny of Dragons and the Dragonborn will unlock on August 14.