Martial Arts MMORPG Swordsman Launching in Late July


If you’ve been impressed with the open beta testing of Swordsman then get prepared to sharpen your blades or reroll a new martial art house. Perfect World Entertainment has announced that after a few weeks in its open beta phase its latest free-to-play title will be launching to the masses on July 29.

The wuxia-inspired game based upon the best selling universe of Louis Cha has gone from closed beta testing to launch for Western audiences in less than two months.

Testing has led to a variety of changes. More importantly this conversion from testing to full launch end will come with fresh content! The launch will include an updated new player experience and a new end game battle in the Demon Pit. Players anticipate modifications to the ten martial arts schools (classes) and more interaction, meaning battle, with the Ming dynasty.

It is currently unknown if the end of open beta testing will be met with the same fun events that saw the servers close for the closed beta testing. We’ll have more on Swordsman, including a full review and live patch note details coming soon. Don’t forget,Hero packs are still available.