NYCC2013: Hi-Rez Lets Artists at it in New SMITE Animated Trailer (Video)

If you’re like many of the Lore Hound community you’ve played if not been sucked into SMITE. The god-based battle arena from Hi-Rez Studios has stolen away most MOBA time from previous champion League of Legends. Over the holiday weekend the company, while not in full attendance of New York Comic Con, did showcase an all-new trailer.

Designed, scored and animated in the vein of one of the many God Reveal trailers, the latest trailer is presented in a 2D art style. Encompassing a variety of locations, the three-minute spectacle traverses the world to showcase the collection of pantheons and the various gods in their home environments. Viewers will head to chilly Scandinavia, the sands of Egypt and the plains of China.

There’s little in the way of battle or even explanation why the gods are pitting themselves against each other. Yet in the end they are brought to to the Arena and have at it anyways.