Official: Star Wars: The Old Republic Going F2P [Update]

It’s been discussed from here to the sun for a few months now, the idea of Star Wars: The Old Republic being taken to the free-to-play model. Electronic Arts and BioWare made it official moments ago, throwing up a new landing page to announce the change to the community.

A F2P TOR experience isn’t going to be too different from the former subscription experience. Players can hit level 50 and enjoy any of the eight classes. Some restrictions will apply, but can be overcome with a microtransaction. As with many subscription to F2P transitions, a subscription option will remain for those dedicated players. Subscribers will be given monthly stipends for the cash shop. Previous and returning subscribers will be given special rewards including a backpay of Cartel Coins and a Fan’s Choice item.

Currently undisclosed is if additional content will cost Cartel Coins or be available for players as it is released. From the looks of it, gameplay content will be included in all models. If you’re a new or returning player, any subscription before August 1, 2012 – that’s tomorrow! – will earn some perks. More information at the F2P FAQ.

The announcement included some teasers to upcoming content, including the new operation on Asation, Terror From Beyond, and the new PvP warzone, Ancient Hypergate.


The full transition is expected to be completed for a November launch.


  1. I knew this was going to end up Free-to-Play when I realized that, with each update in the beta, they took one step forwards and two backwards. I am finally going to play this game without paying a damned penny. Oh, and here’s the official page.

  2. Now Bioware’s failure is complete ;)

    Still no desire to return to SWTOR, I feel like I beat the game and there’s no reason to return.

  3. I still have it installed, I will probabl dabble in it as a F2P. It wasnt all bad, it did look nice, the storylines were nice, the voice overs were nice.
    Would be nice to go back and play the storylines through. But not worth my £10 per month.
    but probably worth a few quid every now and again.

  4. I’ll definitely return. I thought the game was awesome but im just tired of the combat mechanics to the point where i dont want to pay monthly for it.
    Casually playing an awesome game for free is perfect. =) Although i did regretfully spend $90 on the game, thats how much i liked the beta. lol

  5. I still have online friends who play, so I will most definintely return at least occasionally once it goes F2P.

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