Original WoW Mega Bloks Line On Deep Discount

I walked in for Pikmin 3 and walked out with this.

Released last summer after a BlizzCon 2011 unveiling, the original run of World of Warcraft Mega Bloks has been a success. I’ve proudly displayed a variety of landscapes and characters handcrafted with the blood and sweat of a spurned Defias Brotherhood member. From Deathwing’s visit to Stormwind to a simple gyrocopter, these forms of art guard the entrance to my home letting every visitor know just how nerdy I am.

Thanks to the recent update to the line, featuring those fluffy pandas from the Mists of Pandaria, the original batch of constructables have recently seen deep discounts. If you’ve been interested in picking up a few models or grabbing a couple action figures to pit against each other now is the time.

Toys R Us is having a buy one, get one 50% off sale in addition to clearance pricing on the largest sets. Some purchases will even throw in a Chen Stormstout (online only). Amazon appears to be price matching most reductions, featuring the Goblin Zeppelin, the Demolisher Attack and the Lich King with Sindragosa at upwards of 50% off the base price. As you might expect even items from the latest line, such as the Sha of Anger, are seeing discounts.