World of Warcraft – The Burdens of Shaohao Part One: Doubt (Video)

Doubt; the Sha. They go hand in hand. One begets the other. Which comes first, the manifestation or negative energy? It’s a debate for all of Pandaria. Before that continent of mist it was something to worry all of Kalimdor. The single continent of Azeroth. The continent that Shaohao, the final emperor of Pandaria, was tasked with overseeing.

Hot on the heels of the new mini-series for World of Warcraft, Blizzard Entertainment has released the second of the six-part dramatic short. The follow-up to the all-new prelude features a tandem of chapters to the in-game lore volume The Emperor’s Burden. Haven’t been a part of the quest serious yet? It runs eight parts and begins in the Jade Forest.

If you truly haven’t already played the quest line you could do far, far worse than the amazing and original visuals being presented in the animation for The Burdens of Shaohao. It’s not just the Sha of Doubt, an oft-repeated enemy in Pandaria. It’s the philosophy, support and heart wrenching decision to remove Pandaria from the known universe of Azeroth that makes the tale unmissable.