PAX East 2010: Civilization V Developer Chat

Announced only about a month-and-a-half ago, Civilization V is one game that people are really eager to learn about. The latest in the, um, revolutionary series is set to change up the formula in some big ways. From switching to a hex-based grid system to taking cues from its highly-successful console counterpart, Civ V is set to deliver the same addictive gameplay in refreshing package. Not that a lack of evolution would ever keep fans from losing hours, days, and months the prized nation-building sim.

Unfortunately, footage of the game at PAX East was shown behind closed doors and video-taping any of it was a big no-no, but iTZKooPA managed to catch up with one of the developers outside the booth for a quick Q&A about what he saw. One tidbit that didn’t make it into the vid? Apparently, Civilization V will be making extensive use of DX11. For the rest of what we learned, watch the full interview below:

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