PAX East 2010: Geek Chic Gaming Tables

As it turns out, one of the coolest things at PAX East wasn’t a video game at all. It was furniture. But not the kind your rest your grimy feet on while you stare blankly at the television. This is some serious, high-quality stuff, hand-made with all the ephemera a hardcore nerd would need in a gaming table. Geek Chic really does take everything into account, from special surfaces designed to make your WoW CCG card stay put to built-in cup holders so your condensating drink doesn’t sweat all over the quality wood finish and leave a stain.

Geek Chic‘s motto is “come out of the basement,” a sentiment which more or less means that your gaming habits shouldn’t remain a backroom habit. Their collection of tables and storage solutions practically beg to be shown off in your living room, and even when you aren’t using them as a staging area for your latest game of Warhammer (the tabletop version, not the MMORPG), they still brighten up the room. And, hey, even if you aren’t much into analog gaming, there’s plenty of places to stick all your other video game hardware and accessories when they aren’t in use.

iTZKooPA got a chance to talk up Geek Chic‘s founder, Robert Gifford, at the event and gives us a tour of the booth (and, therefore several of the tables) in the video below. Watch it, then come back and tell me you don’t have the sudden urge to blow several thousand dollars on a new piece of furniture.

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