PAX East 2014 Exclusive: Infinite Crisis Competing in the Cramped MOBA Genre & Launch Date

Creative Director Cardell Kerr and iTZKooPA kick off their latest interview discussing the rise of Infinite Crisis and how it has begun to attract eSports attention well before its release. Need evidence? Simply listen carefully to the background noise featuring an on-going match on the other side of a wall!

With thousands of gamers rediscovering Infinite Crisis after numerous patches, polish and balance changes, it couldn’t be more important for Kerr to reestablish what sets IC apart, aside from the use of the DC universe, including the multiverse storyline. You see, Kerr believes a single word can describe its differentiation, aggression. Players are prompted to be aggressive. Laning is a means to an end, but not necessarily the best way to get there.

The pair also discuss much more in the fact-filled interview, including how heroes and villains are sourced and teases a release date for the first time! Seriously, you can infer when Turbine Entertainment expects to release the game!

Check it after the cut.

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