PAX East 2014 Exclusive: The Uncanny Lure of Prodigy; A Board/Video Game (Video)

The background technology has been under development at Hanakai Studio for years. Focusing on iterating until the company had a working prototype of a NFC (near-field connection) board, the Paris, France based developer launched a Kickstarter campaign on April 2, 2014. Just three days later and the board and video game community had completely funded the game and began working on stretch goals.

Now, with three days remaining, Hanakai is roughly $13,000 from unlocking a new figurine for everyone (at the $70 tier or higher). It’s likely gamers will reach that goal. More impressive, and interesting, would be the crawl to $250,000, about $68,000 in the distance, to unlock an entirely new game mode.

Naturally, you may be wondering exactly what Prodigy is. If so, our exclusive interview after the cut does a fantastic job of introducing you to the game, Jean Bey’s creative direction for the title and a demonstration on how easy and intuitive battle is.