PAX East: In Livelock Humanity is Dead, Long Live Humanity


Tuque Games is bringing something new to the Arc of Perfect World Entertainment. The developer will pop PWE’s paid-for cherry when it releases Livelock later on. Until now, the company and its gaming portal have only featured free-to-play games. That’s right, Livelock will be the platform’s first buy-to-play game. The Arc platform has mostly MMORPGs to boot. Livelock, a top-down cooperative shooting, breaks from that mold as well. Seems the dev’s tagline of “Break the Cycle” is more than a marketing motif.

Jeff Hattem gives iTZKooPA the run down what to expect. Outside the beautiful presentation of all the robotic battling, firepower and lasers that is. Hit the jump to be introduced to the unique, and somewhat depressing, look at the future for our fleshy vessels and our invention of artificial intelligence. Fear not, all the explosions, character classes, tactics and semi-dynamically generated world will cheer you right up. Don’t believe us? Check the video after the cut and yell at us in the comments! 

Need a fix as you wait for Livelock’s release? Visit and play Color Switch.