PAX East: Brawlhalla Adding More High-skill Gameplay


If you’re anything like me you enjoy a solid challenge. A successful flexing of your own personal skills against a foe, AI or corporeal, leaves you with a sense of success. Even when it leaves you with soul-crushing defeat it can reinforce your interest in medium of combat. Brawlhalla does this like few other games on the PC platform today. Be it the cheeky Bombsketball or your highly-competitive 1v1 ranked league, Brawlhalla draws the competitive nature out of everyone with its quick matches, growing community and gobs of updates

Part of the community has requested the game offer more advanced brawler mechanics. Nick Dolce explains why Blue Mammoth Games obliged and how the new weapons, gauntlets, and dodge mechanic modifications will mature. Sure, the company may be designing for the 1% at the moment, but that doesn’t mean people like myself and Nick don’t get enjoyment out of the changes. After all, look how huge my hammer is?! Grab your controller and join us after the cut.