PAX East: Oh, There’s Cosplay Here You Say?


Did you know that the Penny Arcade Expo is a celebration of all niches nerd? It truly doesn’t matter what you’re into, the breadth of interest is amazing. Collecting retro games, eating mediocre food, video games, card games, board games, insane collections of dice, incredibly focused 3D printing shops, kinda everything is present at the various PAX conventions. PAX East, having exploded in popularity thanks to being one of the only major cultural conventions on the east coast brings all of this…with a vengeance. In no realm of nerdom is that more obvious than the community of cosplay.

Two of our very own broke out their sewing machines and thimbles to express their creativity and love of Sailor Scouts this year. They even met a group of Sailor Evees, a mash up of Sailor Scouts and the morphling Pokemon of much revere. This creative mix was the tip of the iceberg. Venture into the cosplay rabbit hole after the cut to see amatuer cosplayers conversations and professional interviews, like LeeAnna Vamp and Stella Chuu.