PAX East: The Many Major Modifications in Orcs Must Die! Unchained


Orcs Must Die! Unchained has been available in some form of early access for years now. Numerous F2P Friday appearances and various convention interviews prove that its existence hasn’t escaped our attention. Not in the least. The combination of Robot Entertainment’s proven tower defense pedigree with PvP – and more recently, a return to PvE – aspects have enthralled the orc-murdering team. The amount of pre-release coverage we’ve managed to put together begs the questions “When the heck is OMD!U actually coming out?” We’re another step closer to that, but we wanted to catch up with Ian on what has caused the delay.

Frankly, the game has gone through a bit of a design crisis. The company, through its own metric analysis and player feedback, has repeatedly made the hard decision to abandon, redesign or add entire elements as development has progress. Heck, Tundra was re-introduced ahead of PAX East 2016 after being pulled along with numerous other heroes months ago. To their credit, Robot Entertainment is not using the early access/alpha/beta/rumpelstiltskin process as a marketing gimmick. Far from it. The game has been through its starts and stops due to actually utilizing the feedback. Novel idea, eh?