PAX East: You Can’t Spell TD Without Castle Assault + a ‘D’

Castle Assault

Hello Lorehounds! Why don’t you take a break from your screen, pull up a chair to your favourite table and unbox Castle Assault. Inside you will find everything you need to spend the night crushing your adversaries. Castle Assault is a 1-2 player Tower Defense infused board game. The game starts off fairly simply. Roll a few dice, draw your cards, survey your troops and begin to play. Check out the video to see my talk with the game developer at PAX East 2016.

In Castle Assault something is always happening. You are rolling dice to gain advantage, watching as your troops move across the board of their own volition, rolling more dice to see if your Knight can charge far enough to deal a crushing blow on your enemies castle. Or maybe you are like me, and you stand back and pick apart your enemy from afar, waiting for them to make a mistake so that you can capitalize and bring their Castle down.

There are six races, Cales’ri’ealven; Or’cal’amity; Gilded Knights; Black Vigil; Crimson Crusade; and Lunar Hunt each with their own play style and unique art. The art involved in Castle Assault is sharp and stunning. There are a few neat easter eggs with the art so take a close look if you pick  it up.

Castle Assault Gelatinous Ooze Lord    Castle Assault Knight  Castle Assault Skeletons Castle Assault The Armored Dead

I’ve played a few board games in my time and the best like comparison I could give for Castle Assault would be playing Chess, while yelling at your opponent non-stop as your plans have been foiled; pleading with your troops to maybe just this once not move forward; crying at the 1 you rolled for a charge when all you needed was a 2; flipping the board when your opponent got the 6 they needed; and signing the divorce papers after you humiliated your spouse because losing was not an option.

Castle Assault Wulf Lord DunbarCastle Assault Noxious, the Blight Wyrm

I don’t like to waste time on games and this one is no waste of time. With a 30 minute playtime for 2 people I suggest a best of three with a buddy and let loose the trash talk.

Woah. There’s more? Yup, you hear me. No one around to play a game with at the moment. Take out Castle Assault. There is a single player campaign included in the box. You can create hero’s, level them up and change how your deck works. Then you can take these heroes and modified deck and crush your enemies once more.
Castle Assault Hero CharonCastle Assault Hero Rubar the RedCastle Assault Hero Lockeheart