PAX East: What’d It Take To Get Sentinels of the Multiverse Digital?


When I think of sentinels one image comes to mind, the giant robotic hunters from the 90s X-men cartoon. How is that relevant? You’ve got me, it’s not. But now you know a random fun fact, and, potentially another shred of evidence to date me. Anyways, sentinels inside Sentinels of the Multiverse are not antagonists at all. Rather the opposite. The base game introduced 10 heroes for players to defend the multiverse with back in 2011. Numerous expansion have been released since. A fact that gave Handelabra Games a swath of content to select for its digital adaptation of the award-winning board game.

Jeremy and Co. haven’t disappointed since launching Sentinels of the Multiverse The Video Game. The company has been a whirlwind of development in an attempt to have The Video Game’s content to match the board game, which is set to come to a finality with the impending release of Oblivaeon. Season 2 is on the priority list now. Come and join Jeremy and iTZKooPA in a PAX East discussion of the finer points of the cooperative card game.