PAX Prime 2010: Photos (Day 2)

Fellow Lorehounds, I am here to once again be the bringer of fun. PAX Day 2 started off with a bang with the special “Media Only” Hour for the Expo Hall, allowing iTZKooPA to try Dragon Age 2 and select other games. For me, it was Star Wars: The Old Republic access without fighting lines of public players.

Yes, I will be posting more on what I have discussed with developers myself, and personal experiences with the games I had a chance to go hands-on with soon. Also, keep a look out, because very soon we will be posting on how you can get your hands on some exclusive PAX SWAG gear.

Today’s photos cover a ridiculous number of MMOs and games: Fallen Earth, DDO, LotRO, and TERA. We also saw many more than just those, including a ton of console games that can’t possibly all be listed.

A few may be blurry, and I apologize that the camera I had isn’t up to par with what we shot the video footage with. But I hope you enjoy the pictures nonetheless, and look out in the future for a possible shout-out from the man responsible for bringing the original Lore Hounds together, Alex Albrecht, who we also ran into at the show.

Hit the jump for the gallery.



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