PAX Prime 2013 Exclusive: S2 Games Explains How Strife Hopes to Detoxify MOBAs (Video)

Launched in the same window as League of Legends, Heroes of Newerth has been a successful game for S2 Games. While not the 600-lb gorilla of LoL, it’s revisioning of DotA has garnered its own dedicated fanbase and eSports following. Enter in Strife, the company’s just-announced re-entry into the MOBA scene.

Sound Design Stephen Baker explained to Lore Hound why the company is extending its resources to another MOBA title. Some may view Strife as less hardcore, perhaps HoN’s most divisive label, but the company doesn’t see it this way. True, it’s also an efficient way to use developed talent, focus on the same repeatable genre.

Baker explains in the following interview that it’s actually about fixing the toxic environment that plagues the genre through its own game design. By selecting specific game elements, be they considered hardcore or casual, to eradicate interteam fighting.