PAX Prime 2013 Exclusive: The Future & Lessons Learned of Marvel Heroes (Video)

Anything coming from the mind of a designer of Diablo II will perk the interest of any PC gamer. The dungeon crawling gem has been imitated for over a decade before a sequel carrying the name of the universe was released. And while the debate rages on over which title is better, David Brevik moved on from Blizzard Entertainment to land at Gazillion Entertainment. His shift allowed him to work on another impressive IP, that being Marvel for his latest creation Marvel Heroes.

Released over the summer, Marvel Heroes has dealt with numerous growing pains, from delayed early access to a punishing level of farming. That hasn’t stopped the title from surpassing 1.5 million users, likely because Gazillion has remained open to ideas and suggestions from its community, quickly fixing and addressing issues as they arise, such as those two.

Brevik explains the changes to Marvel Heroes and its future from top to bottom. Nothing is off limits, from v1.2, the largest content patch to date, upcoming heroes like Emma Frost, Fear Itself, Spider-man and Cable, the launch of the upcoming digital expansion and our move to Asgard and its associated storyline. In fact, there’s so much, that we continued breaking news live via Twitter.

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