PAX Prime 2014: TOME: Immortal Arena – A MOBA in a Browser (Video)

TOME Immortal Arena - LogoCan’t say I saw this one coming. Developer Kixeye is bringing the MOBA genre to a browser near you. Sticking to the free-to-play – pay for cosmetic or faster progression only – mantra that’s become so popular, all you need to do is load the website to play. That’s right, no download. Kixeye is taking accessibility, one of the game design’s core tenets, to a whole new level in TOME: Immortal Arena.

We received our first taste of TOME as part of the Twitch booth. Creative Director Shawn Carnes took me through a session of the only map currently available, a quick 3v3 battle. Unfortunately, it was only bots, so the competition wasn’t exactly up to snuff, but the ease of victory allowed Carnes to explain the various systems. Many of these systems, from blessings to tower ammo turn some of the MOBA tropes on their head. Others, well, they’re exactly as you’d expect and that’s a good thing.

Check out the full interview below for my first impressions, how Kixeye pulled off a browser-based MOBA that plays seamlessly and more on the systems that diversify the title from the ever-encroaching pack of MOBAs.