PAX Prime: Let’s Get Stuck in the Necropolis

lh_paxprime_necropolis_bridge_run_harebrainedschemesYou’ve been following our convention coverage for years, right? That’s good, then you’ll know that our YouTube channel is swarmed around conventions. Every few months we get to nerd out with other like-minded individuals over our favorite digital pastime. And every convention offers at least one surprise. An unexpected announcement, insane eSports moment, breakout surprise, a dud panel or all-consuming distraction.

Sure, we cover all the big PC games, the World of Warcrafts, WildStars and World of Tanks of the world. But we really love spending time finding the gems at the shows. Something that takes a ton of time, because they truly can be diamonds in the rough. The items on the sixth floor, tucked off site or hidden in the crush of humanity around the Indie Megabooth. Heck, some of the gems we’ve found way, way early in their development you’ll recognize, League of Legends, Global Agenda and Orcs Must Die! to name but a few.

Harebrained Schemes isn’t offering its freshman entry with Necropolis but it’s putting the independent company’s pedigree on the map in a big way. Necropolis is being developed as a roguelight/roguelike in the vein of Dark Souls. Expect to die. A lot. Featuring a subtle story that’s, quite frankly, all around you, Necropolis places challenges before you and leaves you to figure it out.  Or attack in another direction.