PAX South: Tavern Talk or Where Did Multiplayer in MMOs Go?


In early MMORPGs, interacting with other community members in places like taverns and main cities were a necessity for advancement and survival.  Today, interacting with random players has become a rare event instead of the tools for survival.  Is this what we all wanted to happen?  Join Alex Albrecht alongside Larry Everett and Patrick Mulhern to discuss the future of communities in MMORPGs.

The panel from PAX South includes Alex Albrecht [Co-Founder, ZergID], Larry Everett [Columnist, Massively], Patrick Mulhern [Editor-in-Chief, Lorehound], and Jenesee Grey [Community Manager, City State Entertainment]. Meg Campbell [Gaming Strategic Partner Manager, YouTube] did her best to keep the squad on topic and moving forward even opening up the floor to Q&A from the packed Bobcat Theater.