Phantasy Star Online 2 Story Unveiled; Open Beta Begins June 21

Sega decided to give LoreHound a taste of its own medicine in the most recent beta test for Phantasy Star Online 2. The latest round focuses on story elements in the sci-fi hack-n-slash MMORPG, allowing players to rub shoulders with the main NPCs of the first four chapters.

Our Japanese remains rusty, so information on the newly unveiled story elements is…elusive. That being said, expect an update to this post once a credible translation is located.

In other, likely more exciting, news Sega recently announced that Phantasy Star Online 2 will be heading to its open beta phase June 21. That’s just a few days away. To guarantee an invite players are required to sign up on the Japanese PSO2 page. This can be quite difficult, but one of our readers dug up a guide that’s still relevant. If you’re starving for a scifi MMOG like this gamer, then be sure to sign up and I’ll see you this weekend.

Hit the jump for access to the latest batch of screenshots from the latest closed beta session.

Full slideshow available here.

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  1. SEGA, don’t screw me on this one! You didn’t give me Portable 2 Infinity, but please give us western gamers your love with a release soon!

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