QuakeCon 2015: Case-Mod Sampling


Conventions are cool. So are huge LANs. What can’t you miss at the 20th anniversary QuakeCon? Well- One reason: The dedicated few who spend months to years on their case modifications. We’ve spent some of our own time gathering them up so you don’t have to bother. And stay tuned until the end! We have a special surprise for readers and modders alike!

So without further ado, here is a compilation of QuakeCon case mods found in the BYOC (not in order of sexiness).

While you’re waiting for the images to load take a crack at our game of the week Uphill Rush 7.

Case #1:

Leading the charge is a Star Wars Mod, complete with spinning storm troopers (yes, THEY SPIN) and an interesting case in it’s own right. Open display and “artistic” paint splatter look.


Case #2:

Second up is a gritty Steampunk build with a designed “worse for wear” look, but we all are secretly envious of it.



Case #3:

Next a case dedicated to the Con itself. An all around clean build with orange coloration… from Quake, of course.



Case #4:

The question this BioShock fan asks you is: “Would you Kindly”. My swift response? Yes, I will take a picture of your case. Thank you.


Case #5:

Captured as best as I could manage, this mod doesn’t only limit itself to the case. If you can see, there is a spinning rainbow disco ball and the keyboard to match; and the colors actually flow down the keyboard making for an overall eye-catching build.


Case #6:

Another Star Wars build, this time: with Light Sabers (Vader and Obiwan’s to be specific) with a little Vader for the front too.


Case #7:

It’s big, and it’s blue. While I don’t envy carrying that baby about I do admire it’s aesthetic and quality. Something tells me it dwarfs my rig in more ways than one.



Case #8:

Toxic. And Greeeen. Another nice modification with some sick ass water cooling. The most appealing thing to me is that it manages to use color in just the right locations in the right amounts. But don’t let me judge for you. Oh, and is that a case of Bawls? Reminds me of that surpri- I mean. Huh?


Case #9:

A sterile white and orange build with very… very sexy cable management. Built by hexagonPC, and I have to say: definitely a fan.




Case #10:

Another multi-color mod. Good cable management and placement of color (see the red, green then blue). With some obvious power behind it. Four SSDs and SLI’d cards.



Case #11:

A green mod that let’s its components speak for itself. Well- mostly.. there is also LED fan that types things out too. I suppose that also speaks.



Case #12:

This time around, there is love out there for KOTOR Fans with this Revan Case Mod. Great artwork and good taste in video games (a win-win in the BYOC).


Case #13:

Multi-color and Star Wars builds are popular. Although this doesn’t contain the ladder, but it does have color, and I did my best to capture the transitions for you.







Case #14:

A tiny spider(man?) mod. I enjoy how they got a lot of theming into such a compact build. The colors also do it some justice.


Case #15:

Sterile. Orange. And Mirror’s Edge inspired. All pluses in my book. It’s also beautiful in it’s own right with looks in the front and business in the back.



Case #16:

A solid case mod with good cable management and white lighting. Good choice in the base case to make this build.



Case #17:

The creator of the mod calls it, “Peace, Love and Rockets”. And apt name for a, Quake inspired, completely 3D-printed mod with a peace, heart and rocket symbol. Bonus for theme and creativity.





Case #18:

But if you thought the last one was creative (and you have a bit of interest in Ghost Busters) this next Mod is… well exactly what it looks like: A authentic Proton Pack, complete with moving parts, lights, sound effects and many of the widgets on the actual thing. Complete with a ghost in the background. Spooky.





Case #19:

And to wrap it up, a red (because that’s what we were missing) mod with all the power and aesthetics dominating the front. She’s a beauty, that’s for damned sure.



Now. I remember mentioning a surprise at the beginning, and for those of you who stuck with us (or skipped down here) we’re doing a little LoreHound pick of the winner(s) of a case (or more!) of Bawls! From our readers, we would like your input to pick the best of the best for our little unofficial case-mod competition. And if we missed your case-mod, don’t worry! Just reply here or on the related Reddit post and we’ll make to get your included before the Saturday pick.

If you enjoyed my awe-inspired rantings about cases, be sure to check out our other LoreHound content. We’ll be covering QuakeCon all weekend! And don’t miss the announcement of the winner(s) on Saturday!

After hearing rumors of awesome case mods that came late or were tucked away we ran out again to document. Check out the second run of contestants before heading over to the final results!


  1. Saw most of these in person. I’m a minimalist at heart, and after seeing 13 in person, it’s a beast. Watching that thing’s colors blast with music was excellent. 13 for the win.

  2. #13 is even cooler in person. The guy showed me the different transitions he does. One responds and changes to your music. He was super cool about showing the whole case off, too.

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