QuakeCon 2015: Brawlhalla Anyone?

brawlhalla_background_closed_beta_keysAfter indulging in a few adult beverages last night I thought it was a good idea to start shout casting at the BYOC section of QuakeCon. Deciding on a game was relatively easy once you determine the requirements and know your audience. Target titles must be competitive, fast paced and easily to grasp if you’re to draw competitors in. After all, I was going to randomly walk around and invite people. Simply to meet my desire, yelling. The selection was easy, Brawlhalla.

And with that, the yelling began. Sentinels were crushed. Hattoris were shot by Adas and Princess Nai did unprincess like acts to dozens of foes. All and all we had some 20 people come by to watch, play and inquire as to how to get their own copy of Brawlhalla. Thanks to some twitter spamming we know have an answer for the next 62 times that question is asked.

Yeap, good ole Blue Mammoth Games came through and sent us a batch of codes to giveaway. And if you’re actually at QuakeCon swing by table A37 and we may just be able to hook you up with an awesome Metadev Orion skin code!

[Update: Saturday @3:05 PM] Next two people that come over can snag Metadev Orion skin codes!