QuakeCon 2015: Case-Mod Update!


And we’re back with a late night case-mod update, grabbing some new arrivals to the Con and some we missed. If you haven’t seen the first post, find it here and remember your favorites!

Make sure to check the subreddit for continued updates and comment with your favorite case! You can help choose the Saturday winner. But before we get to that, check out these sick mods:

While you’re waiting for the images to load take a crack at our game of the week Uphill Rush 7.

Case #20:

“Deploying a sentry here!” doesn’t quite sum it up. This a full case mod with moving (similar to the Ghost Buster build) parts and sounds. There wasn’t a spy around the sap it either, but I’m thankful.



Case #21:

This case is rather unique scratch build that doesn’t source off any subject material. Instead, it’s a science experiment. The creator, EzTek wanted to submerse this machine into a tank of non-conductive refrigerant and designed the mod around this idea. The science? Well that lies in the displacement of the heat through the liquid, keeping the temperature even throughout, and the components itself boiling the liquid into gas, only to rise and be cooled back down to liquid. *Whistles*




Case #22:

On the subreddit we heard rumors of a treasure that lay buried in the depths of rows of QuakeCon BYOC-ers. Needless to say we had to go through many greedy ones lookin’ for booty. But alas, the doubloons were none to be found. Instead: a pretty kick-ass case mod.



Case #23:

This case was a visual project. Fixated on the front was a display with a very enticing (and eye-catching) display performance. Needless to say, as soon as I saw it, I was busting out some photos (and video)!


Get a video of the display here.

Case #24:

Another sterile white build, but this time with blue and pink liquid being pumped throughout. Mixed in with the subtle case illumination it’s a captivating mod, packed with some power too.



Case #25:

A red mod with good case lighting and nice power. The cables are almost invisible and the water-cooling setup with the rigid acrylic tubing to match the color scheme. The paint job on the side wraps up the mod and leaves me with a smile and a few photos.




And the winner is…!