RaiderZ Celebrates Valentine’s Day with…Weaponized Gambling (Feb 6-27)

Alright. There we go, some spice in the seasonal events from MAIET Entertainment. After rather uninspired Halloween and Thanksgiving events – heck, they didn’t even have Rendel-based nomenclatures – MAIET Entertainment is shaking things up with Valentine’s Day. That’s not to say you can’t get mushy. There’s plenty of that too.

RaiderZ is already chock full o’ love and will continue to be filled with hearts and red until February 27. The lovey-dovey activities include love-themed quests, heart-shaped boxes and even a Chocolate Broomstick Mount that bestows a certain cherub’s special abilities.

For those that enjoy a little Anti-Valentine’s Day celebration (or you can take this as a Lunar New Year festival since that’s what it really is), RaiderZ bestows upon you Weaponized Gambling. Taking advantage of the beat-a-mob-with-its-own-limb system, all monster will have a chance of dropping a “Yut Game Set,” a popular Korean board game. Players can beat the next monster into submission with a Yut Stick, awarding them a random buff.

From one form of red to another. At least they both come from the heart. *aww*

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