Zombie Studios Prepping Largest Update for Blacklight: Retribution Ever

Blacklight: Retribution, the sophomore entry from Zombie Studios, is about to receive its largest content patch in its bustling life. The AAA F2P shooter is receiving two new maps as part of the update, Safehold and Metro.

Safehold was created from the the bombed out remains of a ruined city. Focused around a central plaza with numerous high-ground advantage areas, operatives holding the central location will need to be on their mark to survive. But watch your step, for if you fall in the giant pit at its center you won’t survive the sudden stop at your end.

Which may just put you in the Metro, you know, if you lived that fall. Built in the former tunnels of subway systems is the second map, Metro. Geared towards close combat – get those shotguns ready! – the claustrophobia-inducing map is ripe with HVR opportunities.

For more on the two maps check the screenshot gallery after the cut and head over to Massively’s coverage.

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