RaiderZ Giving Thanks Days After Launch (Seasonal Event)

Officially launched earlier today, RaiderZ is taking no time to sit on its laurels. Perfect World Entertainment announced its first live seasonal event kicking off after today’s maintenance and continuing until November 28, 2012. It means players are rolling directly from the Halloween event to the Thanksgiving event.

The latest seasonal activity takes many cues from Halloween, making it, once again, not the most inventive event to grace the MMOG genre. All monsters have a chance to drop a Thanksgiving Lucky Box, which may contain helpful feast items or even precious Beycium. The chance for extra loot will remain until the event closes on November 28, 2012.

Adding spice to this season’s event, Game Masters will be online on each server for a few hours on November 21, 2012 for a celebratory feast. The in-game event will feature an incredible feast for players and offer those that help prepare the delicious meal with more Beycium. Players can receive up to 10 Beycium for the most desired foods.

Head over to the official blog post for feast timings and the reward matrix.