SMITE Unveiling ‘Domination’ Game Mode During Today’s SMITE Stream

I don't know about Mordil, but I plan on using this lush.

Hi-Rez Studios is at it again, unveiling another game mode for SMITE. The company hasn’t divulged much information on Domination, but that’s going to change in mere moments. Hi-Rez Studios has invited the press to participate in the mode’s unveiling – Lore Hound included – during today’s SMITE stream.

We’ve donned bells.

Tune in to the Hi-Rez Studios Twitch TV channel at 3:00 PM EST to watch as iTZKooPA and Mordil try their hand at a completely unknown game mode.

Perhaps we’ll get a crash course before the stream begins. At the moment, all we have to go on is this:

The Arena mode which we released about two weeks ago has been a huge hit with the community, and next Tuesday November 20th we are inviting press to play a special sneak peek of our upcoming Domination mode.

You guess is as good as mine. We’re not prepared. The stream is now after the cut!

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